As a Grammy-nominated Producer, a 4-time Dove award winner, and a 4-time Stellar award nominated writer/producer, Antonio Neal has been inspiring listeners through his thoughtful approach in his music. Musically, Antonio paints on a canvass that can truly be called his own, from a palette of musical colors as vast and arresting as his own seemingly boundless imagination. Understanding that this is an artist whose singularly unique vision is as influenced by the sweet sounds of legendary ’70s soul crooner, Al Green, as it is modern, cutting-edge hip-hop, one gets at least an inkling that this is something altogether new, created by an artist clearly guided by nothing but his own inner visions.

With his newly minted partnership with Studio Caffé, Antonio is now primed to share his newest release timely entitled, I Am America. This five song EP provides a soul-wrenching perspective of life in present day America. Antonio explains, “Every artist has a responsibility to respond.” The musical production is as transparent as the lyrics, providing an up close and personal experience of the story telling given in each record. Pop it into the player and you’ll know you’re on terrain that is as new and daring as it is somehow familiar and accessible.