My Letter to the World


I don’t know why,but i felt really compelled to write this letter before i faded into rest tonight. I don’t even know who or how many people will even click on this, but those of you who have, Welcome. I don’t know how your day went, but i would dare to say that some of you all had a rough day. Some of you may have lost a job, a house, your health or even a spouse or loved one. I know that my simple words really can’t make anything better or even bring someone back into your life..i guess i simply want to tell you that you are not alone. You may even be a celebrity that everyone feels has it made, but you’re sad and alone right now..with nothing but temporary sticks and stones to show for all of the sacrifices you’ve made. For some life just haven’t added up to much so far, but a bucket full of tears and rejection. Some of you may be online right now, hoping to connect with someone just for a moment to break the silence and lack of human care, touch and love. Many of us are grasping for any sign that we are loved..that we are wanted, that someone values our existence. If i may let me remind you that you are a wonderful creation, full of life, creativity and purpose. Don’t let your past blind you from where you are going..from your potential. We know that life isn’t fair, but love is the great equalizer. Look around your life to what you do have, not what you have lost or only hope for. If you need to cry, let it out…you don’t have to live a like of pretend. be honest with yourself, look to God for truth and peace. Will he take the pain away? I don’t know..many times he doesn’t..but offers to walk with us through the valleys. Just don’t give up ok? don’t walk away from your beautiful life, Be strong. You can make it through this moment.

Your brother,


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